Thursday, July 24, 2014

bubble #70

I thought I had posted this months ago, but apparently saved it as a draft only :/ Anyway, I'm doing it now.
It wasn't easy. It was a mining camp. But she made it! It wasn't easy to follow the steps of old italian giants like Mina, Lucio Battisti, Patty Pravo and Gino Paoli, but what came out is absolutely adorable. Her italian pronunciation as well :) We like hearing foreigners speaking italian. It's funny and we appreciate their effort in dealing with our tricky language. Well well done :)

Róisín Murphy - Mi Senti EP (2014)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

nursery rhymes

Here are my illustrations of two popular english language nursery rhymes. Although they are not that popular in Italy, I know them both since my childhood because they were in my books, so they were fun to work on :)

the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe
the old woman who lived in a shoe

the Owl and the Pussycat
the owl and the pussycat