Friday, May 24, 2013

bubble #57

I am leaving for London tomorrow! When your dearest friends weigh anchor for abroad is a drama, but it has long-term advantages :) I'm going to stay one week only, but it's going to be very intense: Metro Area live at Oval Space, a day-trip to Stonehenge to recharge and boost my batteries (can't wait) and Depeche Mode live at the O2 Arena. Ugly! Isn't it? ;) Yeah, I envy myself. My wallet doesn't feel the same but you only live once, holy cow.
Anyway, today's bubble is all for this masterpiece album by Aeroplane. When it got released - 3 years ago - it blew my mind and I still can't get tired of it. To be played and enjoyed in one breath.

Aeroplane - London Bridge - 2010

Aeroplane - Can't Fly (Full Album) - 2010

Thursday, May 23, 2013

feel good tip #33

His majesty did his first dj set ever at age 73, the other night in NYC. Why wasn't I there??
They say you never forget your first dj-set. They are right: I still remember mine with lots of love.

Here is the tracklist :)

1. Intro
2. Munich Machine – Munich Machine
3. Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity
4. Giorgio Moroder – Racer
5. Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby
6. Ministry Of Funk – Tuc Tuc
7. Donna Summer – Bad Girls
8. The Three Degrees – Jump The Gun
9. Sparks – Beat The Clock
10. Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Rock You
11. Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2
12. Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
13. Suzi Lane – Harmony
14. Giorgio Moroder – The Chase
15. Donna Summer – On The Radio
16. Donna Summer – I Feel Love
17. Daft Punk – Giorgio

Giorgio Moroder Live at Deep Space, NYC - 2013.05.20

Saturday, May 18, 2013

bubble #56

I am deadly in love with them. Antony and the Johnsons are lately my main source of inspiration while painting or drawing. The usual Pink Floyd and King Crimson have now a new neighbour in my own personal  sea of creative fuel where I dive into whenever my hand needs to fly high. I never paint or draw without music, and when I find the right one, no one can detach me from that immeasurable flow, which is a bliss that I can barely describe. Well, this is what is happening these days. And these days I feel more than ever thankful  for the gifts that I was given. Love. And, as they sing in this beautiful song: "may all of your dreams come true". ♥

Antony and the Johnsons - You Are My Sister - 2012

the white owl

Say helloooowl!

good morning!

After night comes day: good morning! :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

baleno's coffee cups

Baleno is also a joker, and put a trick onto each of his 6 coffee set saucers :)

temporary garden @ ama

Domenica 19 maggio (domani l'altro) sarò anche io tra i partecipanti al mercatino del Temporary Garden di AMA Bologna, uno spazio tutto nuovo immerso nel verde e completamente ecosostenibile a due passi dal centro, in via Casteldebole 10/4. Dalle 16 alle 23.30 passeremo una bella giornata all'aria aperta con - appunto - il mercatino, mangiarini, beverini, performances, workshops e musica dal vivo. Venite a trovarmi/ci, io non vedo l'ora :)

the goodnight teapot

Here you are my latest creation: perfectly suitable for a relaxing infusion or a chamomile tea before goodnight. It is a unique piece made from a second hand teapot :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Baleno is a male whale. In italian, the word "whale" (balena) is feminine and it is rather unusual to hear about a male whale. Actually we never talk about male whales. It is always "she whale". Therefore I guess that Baleno is a very special creature and I am glad to have met him.
He just popped out of a blue sea a few days ago, while I was painting some new coffee cups.
He is a bit vain but very quick at swimming and did you know? Baleno means flash, what a coincidence.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


And then came the mugs bringing a new friend: the Golden Poo. Who is going to get it? :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

bubble #55

This morning, as usual I opened my email and my Facebook, put my headphones on, started playing my Soundcloud stream, hid the browser window and began working. Not even 2 minutes and I came back to what I was listening to, because I was having a curious but lovely mixture of deja vus: early U2, early 80s, Aneka's Japanese Boy, the Psychedelic Furs, Lindstrom, new wave, college rock, Arcade Fire, the Temper Trap, Ireland, England, Scotland and Scandinavia. All in my mind, all at once. Nice!!

Shout Out Louds - Illusions (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hellobea ha ormeggiato su buru buru!

Buru Buru è un nuovo store che seleziona ed ospita artisti, art crafters, produttori indipendenti, illustratori, designers, artigiani, creativi eccetera, italiani. Io sono tra i fortunati scelti e da oggi le stampe del mio alfabeto sono in vendita online in vari formati cornice-friendly: 10x15 cm, 13x18 cm e 21x29,7, che è poi l'A4 :)
Mi sa che presto aggiungerò altre cose al mio spazietto: per esempio i cocci che, travolti dal successo (non mi è rimasto quasi niente) sono in fase di continua produzione, quindi state con le antennine ben dritte! ;)

Hellobea su Buru Buru

bubble #54

Someone managed to break the loop. I finally fell into another pot, thank goodness. Now I can't stop playing this :) I have the strong feeling that it will be my Summer hit. I love it love it love it!

Classixx - All You're Waiting For (2013)

Monday, May 6, 2013

the fish

Il pesce è simbolo di abbondanza e di prosperità. Per via della sua forma, ho scelto di associarlo al numero 9 - il 9 non sembra un pesciolino? :) - numero di completezza e di compimento, di realizzazione, di perfezione ed è il 3 - numero della perfezione per eccellenza - moltiplicato per 3.
Il bianco, colore della purezza, invoca pace e protezione; l'oro, associato alla luce del sole, è simbolo di illuminazione, ma anche di connessione spirituale con le forze più alte; il rosso simboleggia la forza di volontà, la creatività, la vitalità; il nero, assorbendo la luce, assorbe anche la negatività.
Questo è quindi un piccolo portafortuna di buon auspicio in generale :) Misura 6x4 cm.