Thursday, December 27, 2012

affitto affetto

These are two of my latest works I've made for a dear friend and his project Affitto Affetto. I was asked to draw something representing cuddles, unconditional love and pure affection in the sweetest way I could. I really enjoyed doing it because it was just bread for my teeth. This is what came out and yes, I'm obsessed with redheads ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today the cycle of 12 ends and so does the energy cycle we've lived in so far. AT LAST. I'm not sure, but I believe that things will change for real, now. Most likely gradually, with no kind of pyrotechnics or special effects, but they are going to get better. I'm feeling lighter, these days. And I wish the same to you, for now and the times to come :) Love!

Friday, December 7, 2012

per fare l'albero... ci vuole il nano!

Visto il successo del Natale dell'anno scorso, i miei amici del Vanilia & Comics ed io, abbiamo pensato di rifare l'albero dei disegni :) Esattamente come allora, ci saranno le mie stampine appese un po' dappertutto, ci sarà la mia amica Happy Coridon con il suo angolino delle meraviglie (dove potrete trovare sicuramente qualche bel regalino), ci sarà il mio compare Cevo che frullerà i suoi dischi e, naturalmente, ci saranno tante matite e tanti foglietti su cui tutti potranno disegnare per contribuire ad addobbare il nostro albero. Quest'anno però c'è una novità: per la primissima volta, le vignette di Hellobea & il Nano usciranno dal web e si appenderanno, anche loro, un po' dappertutto. Venite ad acchiapparne una!

bubble #45

Today I'm in a loving mood. I don't even know why, but this seems to be the way my life is going these days: I'm emotional for no apparent reason, most of the time. As a Gemini, I'm well accustomed to sudden mood swings, but this time is different. Everything is stronger and deeper as if it was amplified to the highest - and from the highest - without any chance of defying. I guess this is happening because we are getting closer. All I can do is let go and wait. My sixth sense knows that something is going to happen and everything is going to fall into place, but how can I be certain? I can't. No one can. So what I'm doing is taking shelter in my colours and my music, and this sweet song helps me to hope :)
Much love.

The Fifth Dimension - Let It Be Me
Let It Be Me by The 5th Dimension on Grooveshark

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

masters: maurits cornelis escher

Let's talk about Him. I first heard of M.C. Escher at the Art School from my painting teacher, the one I'll thank forever for having taught me almost everything I know and that I still treasure every day (pity there's not much of her work, on the net). Among the first "deeper" approaches to the painting techniques, were the concepts of module and symmetry: who could be a better example? It was love at first sight to me. I still can't find anyone as genius as him and, in my opinion, no one compares to. And no words can describe his majesty more than their works themselves: I can't say which one is my favorite so I picked up two at random, suggesting you to visit the official website and this Facebook fan page to see with your own eyes :)

M.C. Escher - Three worlds - December 1955 - Lithograph

M.C. Escher - Smaller and smaller - October 1956 - Wood engraving and woodcut in black and brown, printed from four blocks

hello winter!

Finally, Winter has come: today the first snow began to fall on Bologna, the sky is icy, a sparkling frosty breeze is blowing and I can't wait to burrow in my den with my pencils, a soup, some chocolate and a cup of coffee. My poopies and me are very happy (as the words in italian say in the picture - click to enlarge) and we all wish you a happy winter :)