Wednesday, August 31, 2011

masters: giovanni segantini

This has always been one of my favourites since the days of the school. Its name is L'Angelo della Vita (The Angel of Life) by divisionist/symbolist Giovanni Segantini. I find it sublime in its infinite sweetness. It was painted, pardon, drawn in coloured pencils on paper in 1896: simple as love 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

do re mi fa sol la si

Did you know that each note matches a different colour? And did you know that 7 are the notes as 7 are the colours of the rainbow? :)
Let me tell you something:
Do is a strong big gentleman wearing a heavy red coat
Re is a prince with an orange parrot feather on his hat
Mi is a proud boy in shorts and yellow t-shirt
Fa is a bold lady riding a white horse in her green dress
Sol is a brave sailorman who crossed the seven seas on his blue ship
La is a graceful princess wearing a long glittering indigo wrap
Si is a shy little girl who smells of violets

And, did you know? Monkeys can play the xylophone better than anyone.
Kinks - Too Much Monkey Business

Friday, August 26, 2011

feel good tip #6

Even my paintbrushes are dancing here. Well done, Mustang!
I'm addicted to the first track: Jeremy Glenn - New Life because it perfectly fits my current state of mind: "New life, follow your heart" is my new mantra. And that's what I'm doing to make THE change in my life: you bet!
Meanwhile, enjoy this gem :)

Mustang august 11 mixtape
by Mustang (Official)

bubble #14

Here I am, back from two stunning weeks in Berlin, where I partied hard and spent good time with some dearest fellow pirates, as usual :) Now I'm painting harder for the Bologna Children's Book Fair: to be admitted to the selection, I must deliver 5 artworks by September 26th, earlier than usual. So I must run fast and work hard! In this exact moment I'm painting the second artwork and drinking apple juice while a big hairy spider is running on the ceiling. The soundtrack of this sweaty moment (in Bologna we unusually have 29°C around midnight and if this heat wave won't stop I think I'll go mad) is this lovely sweet song by Paul Kalkbrenner, very berlinful ;) Needless to say, I miss mein geliebtes Berlin (my beloved Berlin) and I can't wait to come back, hopefully, next winter.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

san francisco

This song is one of my favourites ever. Besides being the soundtrack of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, is one of the sweetest I ever heard. It's an orange/golden glare which smells of the sea and mixed flowers, and has the power to instantly cheer me up. The first time I heard it I even moved, as if I had found a picture of someone that I had lost long time before, overwhelmed by a peaceful sense of missing them. I'm sure it was a memory from my past life, as I always have been sure that I lived those years.
Ban on chatter, I love this song and I'm quite satisfied of this drawing (that hair took at least 2 weeks!)* even if I made some coarse errors I could have avoided with a little attention. Slob me, caution has never been my strong suit.
Anyway, my project grows :)
Techniques: felt tips, gouache, pencil, golden and white markers.

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco

* = the secret to drawing the hair is to draw each one :) You must always keep an eye on the general volumes, lights and shadows, but you need to draw them one by one to give a realistic look.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

crazy to leave

Summer holidays are just around the corner and I can't wait to get on that plane and fly to my dearest dearest Berlin, where I'm going to stay for 2 weeks :) This year there will be many of my friends up there and I guess we will see some good ones. Yeah, I can't wait! Valigia means case, and in a few days I'll pack mine!

Desireless - Voyage voyage

free energy

Can you imagine a world where energy is endless, fair, clean and free as the air we breathe? Just think about it: start from the light bulb on your desk, let that thought widen and cover the whole globe. Can you see what I see? Can you see a right world where human beings can live in harmony with the Earth without destroying, draining and wasting away everything around them? Can you see the poor counties finally flourishing? Can you see the water reaching everyone on earth?
It's not sci-fi nor a remote future, it could have been even past, if the man who discovered free energy wasn't intentionally unheard, 100 years ago. His name was Nikola Tesla and simply changed the world without having anything in return. He was too advanced for his time (and for our, it seems) so greed and money won on pureness. And made the worst mistake of our history.
Nikola was a very special person with a big heart, he was a genius, and I'm sure he was something more. These movies tell his story, which wasn't worthy of his greatness at all. I hope they will make your eyes open, if it has yet to happen. And hope that, one day, pureness will get its definitive revenge on greed and money. Meanwhile, I just can help you be more aware.