Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Summer finally came, Bologna is like a giant oven, my brain is a fresh-baked pie, work is going everyday more boring and the only thing I can do is pretend to be under a coconut palm, laughing at those who waste their time inside air-conditioned offices. Obviously, I brought Winston: he's fantastic at carrying baggage, but is in the bad habit to always bring me down to earth.
Here I'm saying: "Yes Winston, I know I'm dreaming... pass me that corkscrew."
If it wasn't clear, for lots of reasons, I don't like summer at all (as long as I'm far from the sea) but I know that many of you do, so have a nice summer, then!
On my part, the good new is that I can't wait to put my feet on the berliner ground, where heat and sultriness are just a vague memory. The bad new is that I must be patient until August 10. Cheer up!

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