Wednesday, January 26, 2011

circus roberlina in six steps

Do you remember my first post? I was drawing a logo for my friend Robbi and, now, is done!
Let's recap the steps I made to reach the final goal:

First! I looked for some good fonts to be inspired on, obviously I did not save their names, so I cannot tell you what they are. I promise I will, if I find them!

Second! I printed a draft of "CIRCUS" and "Roberlina".

Third! Using the lightbox and following the draft, I re-designed the two words with the pencil, as I conceived.

Fourth! Always using the lightbox (my own rude DIY lightbox :), I traced my pencil drawing using India ink.

Fifth! I turned off the lightbox and painted the letters using the India ink and an extremely weak ecoline black, to get the depth of the volumes and the shades.

Sixth! I imported it all in Photoshop to compose, clean up, fine tune and add some colour...
Tadaaaaaa! Here it is!

Just finished, Robbi put it in the header of her blog :)
Now, turn up the volume and play a song that Robbi and me went crazy for, when played together.
Uh! Did you know? She was my dj-mate in Bologna, before she moved to explore the rest of the world. It is because of her that I began to play! She was my pygmalion, in effect. Eternal gratitude!!
Go! Tok Tok vs Soffy O - Day of Mine  :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

farfalla, episode 1

This was a 16mm short film shot in Bologna in 1999/2000 named "Farfalla" (butterfly).
It was a self-production by my boyfriend of the time, of whom I lost any contact so I have no idea if he ever actually completed the work. I hope so :)
I was asked to draw the storyboard. Initially, it would have been just sketched but in the end I felt like colouring some scenes, though the film was black and white. I think this is my first important work, in which I had to interact with a client and his needs, although it was my boy and we were very young.
Here are the first 2 scenes, the only in colours, as they were scanned, with all the stains and the smears.
Stay tuned to see the rest!
Technique: pencil, watercolours, ink, pen, wax pastels, gouache, correcting fluid, felt-tip pen, coffee, tea, me... :)

Suggested soundtrack:
Henry Mancini - Pink Panther theme

Someone is drawing something sitting at his table in the dim light...

There is a book on the table, a book of butterflies! Idea!

in the moonlight...

overnight, three fellows are darkly roaming among the trees of a park
a bike is parked behind a fence
what is the connection between the two?

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Let me introduce you my friend Teo, who opened a shoe store some years ago in Bologna called, precisely, rubber, as the material he sold was made: just rubber shoes, of any kind :)
He asked me to design the store's logo. Immediately I thought about something funny, like a bizarre gummy creature, and I started to sketch. But nothing I was drawing pleased me enough to go on. Some days and mumbles later, the light bulb in my head lit just seeing Teo's face: HE was the creature I was looking for!!
Well, you see, Teo is one of the most humorous persons I know: a sweet little english gentleman always ready with a quick, brilliant, come back. His sly face was extremely difficult to be caught in a cartoon, but I went close to the reality, anyway. So they say :) Here are both the sketches and the final logo. I am working on an upgrade with some beard and moustaches, as Teo looks now, and I'll soon post it.
By the way: my fee for this work was a cascade of shoes!! ^_^

This was the time I was mad about this track and in my console could never miss! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

liberate le aragoste the name of the agency I work for since April 2008. It means set the lobsters free :) Goooooood guys!
I worked on many of the projects you will see. We mainly deal with beauty, cosmetics and fashion.
By clicking on icons you can visit the visual blog, while clicking on parole or words you can visit the corporate site (both in italian and english). Enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

soccer gives me headache

When I was asked to design a soccer-inspired flyer - it was around 2007 - I was pretty puzzled. To be honest, when I have to work on something I don't feel like "mine" I am certainly not scared, but I am bored for sure. Soccer is boring.
So my inner child reminded me that if I did not like soccer, I would like Subbuteo at least :)
Since then, all the work went on its legs: I took all the djs that would have been playing at this weekly gig in a whole month and designed them as Subbuteo statuettes. The result was much appreciated and everyone was happy :)


First of all, happy brand new year to all of you :) May 2011 grant all your good wishes and drive you closer to the stars. I was off for some days - holy vacations! - but I am back!